The ultimate mapping solution for GARMIN GPS receivers

Terrain dictates movement.

The Central Highlands, Southwestern Plateau, or the Northern Plains, we have your AOR covered.



> Full border to border topographic coverage
> Geographic points of interest including wadi, summits, kariz and settlements
> Land cover
> Hydrographic features
> Elevation profile so you can estimate terrain difficulty and display 3-D terrain shading on computer or compatible GPS devices
> Enhanced situational awareness
> Compatible with any GARMIN mapping GPS receiver that will display topographic maps

Field tested by members of:

> Army National Guard
> Federal Bureau of Investigation
> Royal Canadian Dragoons
> United States Air Force
> United States Army
> United States Marine Corps

























TOPO Afghanistan


Included with our DVD map data package is Garmin’s MapSource software.


RoadTrip helps you plan trips by letting you transfer map sets, waypoints, routes and tracks from your Macintosh computer to your device.


MapInstall helps you install maps on your device.




Survey the terrain, plan your route and geotag photos on your computer and then load the data to your outdoor device with BaseCamp. All with a 3D perspective.



Intel Macintosh:

PPC Macintosh:

BirdsEye™ Satellite Imagery

BirdsEye™ Satellite Imagery is an optional subscription service offered by Garmin that will allow satellite imagery to be used in conjunction with our map product.

Compatible products for this optional service are:


Colorado® 300   Colorado® 400c Colorado® 400i  Colorado® 400t Dakota™ 20

Oregon® 200     Oregon® 300     Oregon® 400c   Oregon® 400i    Oregon® 400t

Oregon® 450     Oregon® 450t    Oregon® 550     Oregon® 550t    GPSMAP® 62

GPSMAP® 62s   GPSMAP® 62st  GPSMAP® 78     GPSMAP® 78s   GPSMAP® 78sc

Incorporates technology provided by Garmin
This product is available to authorized government distributors and end users and only.
TOPO Afghanistan
DVD version
Manufacturer part number: TAF2015DG
TOPO Afghanistan
microSD datacard version
Manufacturer part number: TAF2015MG

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